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  • Fauxcabulary Tweaks are Done

    I’m pretty sure that the site redesign for is complete now. I’m mostly satisfied with the look and feel, for both desktop and mobile devices. I didn’t get to add the search feature back in, but I’ve added many other features and eye candy. Notably, the Gallery has been expanded greatly and the Shop has all new items.
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  • Redesign

    After 13 years online, it’s time for a face lift. This relaunch is based on another unfinished project of mine called JekyllFaces. It extends Jekyll with great features like search, Bootswatch themes, font icons from several vendors, multiple comment providers, multiple analytics providers, a dozen or so custom 404 pages, and much more. JekyllFaces also serves as a solid platform for creating documentation, landing pages, open-source books, and blogs (of course); and it includes many reusable widgets. All this is done without breaking GitHub Pages compatibility.
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