After 13 years online, it’s time for a face lift. This relaunch is based on another unfinished project of mine called JekyllFaces. It extends Jekyll with great features like search, Bootswatch themes, font icons from several vendors, multiple comment providers, multiple analytics providers, a dozen or so custom 404 pages, and much more. JekyllFaces also serves as a solid platform for creating documentation, landing pages, open-source books, and blogs (of course); and it includes many reusable widgets. All this is done without breaking GitHub Pages compatibility.

This new version of the site has been designed using mobile-first principles, and it leans heavily on CSS and SVG to make the site look good on devices from smart watches to jumbotrons. The original Fauxcabulary site relied on me making a blog post every day to publish new terms. This edition stores the terms as data from which the Word of the Day is automatically selected. No more busy life excuses to prevent daily updates.

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